FC Builders experience and successful project completions cover all types of commercial construction:

• Recreational Facilities
• Office Buildings
• Warehousing and Distribution Centres
• Retail Outlets/Complexes
• Recycling Facilities
• Multi-Unit Residential Housing Developments

In commercial construction, we know the client is often the future building's owner as well as the user. For you, construction is about transforming a dream into reality. We understand your aspirations. Accurate estimating, careful scheduling, risk management, site safety, high-quality materials and environmental management are all important to you – and FC Builders expertly integrates each element so each project is done right, on time and on budget. FC Builders has a variety of contracts from Cost Plus, to Fixed, to Open Book.

Our experienced project managers will ensure that your project is a success. Whatever your project type or size, we have experts who've done it before. You will receive all the benefits of their decades of experience. That's real value-added.