Our Pre-Fabricated Insulated Wall Systems Make Home Construction Faster, Cheaper, and Better
Get started for as little as $34,977!

Are you wondering how you can decrease construction time and increase efficiency and quality? Perfect Panel Systems pre-fabricated Structurally Insulated Walls can do all of this and more. Our 4 in 1 application means there is less chance of error, and it reduces the number of trades needed for home construction – resulting in greater savings. No matter what mother nature throws at you, installing wall panels will accelerate construction time. Traditional wall building requires separate materials to be combined during the construction process, which consumes valuable construction time. More than that, it can lead to flaws and unnoticed gaps, which cause moisture damage, insect infestations, and drafts, thus reducing insulation efficiency. Perfect Panel SIPs come as a single integrated unit, and are manufactured in a controlled production facility which completely eliminates these traditional drawbacks. High value buildings deserve high value SIPs.

Perfect Panel Systems fabricates high quality wall panels. Our wall panels are used in residential, commercial, and industrial structures. Using steel studs and EPS foam, PPS is able to create high quality wall systems that do not shrink, twist, or rot. Our wall panels are completely air tight and are immune to changing weather conditions, insects, and offer the highest level of insulation. PPS wall systems are very green. They save you money and significantly reduce your energy costs. They are also made from 100% recycled materials.

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Benefits of our Systems

• Goes together quickly
• Is less costly
• Is healthier

Why should I use EPS?

• No CFC’s
• No Mold
• Hypo-Allergenic
• Rodent and Insect Resistant