PPS will construct and install insulated wall panel systems

We are your complete residential, commercial, and industrial structure solution.

The services that we provide along with our products, include the fabrication and installation of our product. We will create your drawings or plans to your specification and manufacture the panels. We can also construct the building to lock-up or even through to completion. If you have any questions, you may contact us at office@perfectpanel.ca


We will create your drawings or plans to your specifications.


We can fabricate walls to retrofit your current structure.  Upgrading your structure to retrofit it for different purposes is an excellent opportunity to install our wall systems and take advantage of all of their benefits.


Custom Fabrication

We will custom manufacture your panels to your plans. Panels come preassembled and ready to install.

Construction to lock-up

We can construct your building up to lock-up with our wall panels. We have the resources to offer complete construction and building services. For an estimate or a consultation. please contact us.

Construction to Completion

We offer complete services for either residential or commercial.


EIFS (Exterior Insulated Finishing System)

With our walls it’s built right in. You will be saving thousands of dollars on your project.


Our acrylic stucco adds value to your home or commercial building.