With seemingly constant increasing costs of energy, raw materials, and labour – it’s as important as ever to save money while maintaining high standards and building to code. Structural Insulated Panels are a wonderful alternative building technology that is gaining fast popularity among residential and even light commercial construction.

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SIP Wall Panels– A Greener Future for Wall Panel Technology Here at Perfect Panel Systems we know the value of building for a healthy, greener future. Building for a greener future can mean many different things – using less energy, using natural and biodegradable materials, and using recycled materials instead of newly manufactured ones.

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This article covers the six different ways our homes lose their heat, and how SIP wall panels can reduce heat loss! The reason that we insulate our homes and buildings is to hinder, or stop heat loss altogether. While it sounds easy enough – it can actually be a difficult process sometimes

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Strength, R Value, and more! Stay warm this winter with SIP wall panels! SIP wall panels are strong, stable, and waterproof – unlike wood and concrete counterparts out there. Moisture has the ability to compromise the integrity of concrete and wood framing, which leads to cracking foundations and even more exposure to air and moisture

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Two of the most prevalent materials used in Structural Insulated Paneling are Oriented Strand Board (OSB) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). Both of these materials are extremely cost effective, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient. These are all things that we want when looking for a wall panel!

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Why build with SIPs? Structural Insulated Paneling, or SIPs, can be used as: walls ceilings and floors Structural Insulated Paneling is: cost-effective long lasting and easy to install That saves you money and time!

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Pre-manufactured walls Prefabrication is the action of assembling different parts of an entire structure before building it completely at its final location. More and more people are seeking out pre-manufactured components when building, or renovating, to lessen their stress and save time and money.

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