Perfect Panels has developed a product for the construction industry which saves time, money and the environment. Our high-performing wall panel systems are easily assembled. These wall panels will make your structure three times more energy efficient than typical wood-frame construction. PPS wall panels are also lightweight, fire-resistant, mold-resistant, sound-resistant, durable and cost effective.

Our excellent product, combined with our highly motivated and committed staff, means our clients receive professional results from the very start through to a finished project.

Perfect Panel Systems is located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and manufactures wall panels. Perfect Panel is also a builder for residential, commercial, and industrial projects. We can design and build your structure using our Perfect Panels.

When we set out, our goal was simple: Create an energy-efficient wall panel system that was both easy to assemble and cost-effective. Using steel studs and EPS (expanded polystyrene) our product exceeded all expectations.

Our panels are pre-assembled in the Edmonton warehouse and can also be an excellent choice for everything from the do-it-yourselfer’s summer cabin to large commercial warehouses.

What Perfect Panel Systems Does:

Complete Home Building

Perfect Panel Systems can build your project from start to finish. If desired, we can build a home to the “Lockup” stage when it is more appropriate for the client. We have home packages available or we can work with you to custom design a floor plan to suit your needs. Please contact us for more information regarding home building.


The design of our panels enables them to be installed by a two-man team. We offer training for do-it-yourselfer’s who want to do their own installation, or Perfect Panel Systems can install the panel system for you.

Design, Engineering and Drafting

Perfect Panel Systems can work with you to design the project you have in mind. Once we have a final signed set of building plans, either designed in-house or your own, we will create shop drawings and get engineering approval prior to production.

Panel Manufacturing

Our panels are assembled in a controlled environment where we can produce unrivaled quality control. Panels built to within a sixteenth of inch using assembly line techniques to ensure each and every component of the panel is built to exact engineered standards. This produces a construction practice that reduces construction waste and human error.

Large Commercial Products

No job is to big or to small. We have successfully completed a number of commercial projects.