The Process of Ordering Wall Panels

Step 1:
Building Plans
Step 2:
Step 3:
Step 4:
Building Plans

Provide us with a final signed set of building plans

In a custom built design the client/contractor would provide Perfect Panel with a final signed set of building plans with window rough openings and floor joist and roof system drawings. Perfect Panel would then create shop drawings and get engineering approval prior to production. This process generally takes 2 weeks. Once all the approvals have been obtained, the client/contractor must approve the shop drawings.

We will build the wall panels in our manufacturing facility

Prior to the start of production Perfect Panel will evaluate work load and proceed with manufacturing in a timely fashion. This process will not hinder site work.

Construction will then
take place

The client/contractor at this point would commence with building the foundation and infrastructure work. Perfect Panel will allow the client/contractor to concurrently move forward with multiple construction activities.

Perfect Panel will coordinate the construction with our manufacturing facility. As the panels are completed they are shipped to the job site for assembly. The entire process takes Perfect Panel 2 weeks or less from conception to construction.

We will evaluate the project and inspect the work

In-line with our stringent quality controls in the manufacturing facility, we will also ensure that the installation was completed in accordance with our standards.

Because Perfect Panel Walls are engineering a site review by Engineer of record may be required.